How can I get HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks? 3 is a method that we use to find HQ Domains having backlinks from some of the HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks top authority sites on internet like:


And many more to mention……

These sites are HIGH PR / HIGH AUTHORITY and the MOST TRUSTED sites by google, they not only supply content in Google News but also their content is republished on 100’s of sites giving more and more backlinks to their content.

They have millions of back links pointing to them, out of which there are some dead links. Dead links means there are some sites linking to these authority sites which are expired or they were shut down due to some reason.
This domain can be valued in terms of GOLD, as you know it is hard to gain back links from the above sources, for example you can’t get a PR 5 backlink from BBC even if you are ready to pay $500 or $1000 the same way you can’t get a back link from for that price.

[AdSense-A] Find HQ Backlinks Method

So here is how we find these HQ Backlinks. This is the general overview of the complete process:

Step 1: Find Old Pages of any authority sites (BBC, HUFFINGTON POST or any other you like) using Google Search Strings.

Step 2: Input the Found list of Old Pages in XENU LINK Software.

Step 3: Check the domains having “NO SUCH HOST” as their status code in XENU SOFTWARE.

Step 4: Analyze the domains with FREE Online tools, check there backlinks , DA/PA and CF/TF and select the best domain having HIGH AUTHORITY/HIGH TRUST FLOW backlinks pointing to them.

Step 5: Go ahead and register them using any registrar (

Let’s dive into the method and find some cool domains having back links from authority sources…..


The first step is to find the niche relevant old pages of an authority site which are already indexed in google’s cache.

We find these pages because they will have dead link in there, and once we start the analysis we will find those domains, domains which are available to register in any registrar like and have back links from these authority sources.

For example: let’s select BBC.CO.UK as our authority sources and let’s scrape Google and find some old pages.
We need at least 500-1000 old pages, for doing this we need to first set the Google Search Setting to “100 results per page” and use Mozilla FireFox browser.

First open the Mozilla FireFox and login to your Google Account.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-1

Once logged in go back to the page, and at the bottom of the page you will find a option called “SETTINGS” click on that as shown in the below image:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-2

Select the “SEARCH SETTINGS” option as shown below:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-3

Now you will see the “SEARCH SETTINGS” page here you need to select the “never show instant results” and set the number of results to 100.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-4

Now visit this link :

And drag and drop the “SERP LIST BOOKMARKLET” into the tool bar of your Mozilla firefox other Google Chrome.  (There construction of video lectures)

Now go to Google.Com and type in the below query in google search box. “health” ( you can use any site ex: instead of or whatever you like)

It will give show you 100 results pages, but we don’t need those ones as we are only looking for old pages, so for that we need to do a “DATE BASED SEARCH” in google.

Now to do that you need to click on “SEARCH TOOLS” option in google as shown below:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-5

For instance I will select the dates between 1st sept 2005 and 30th sept 2009.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-6

What this will do is it will get all the pages which were created in between those dates and that are “health” related as shown below:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-7

Now click on the “Serp List BOOKMARKLET” that we added to our Mozilla Toolbar oher Google Chrome as show below:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-8

Then it will open a new tab with all the results as shown below:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-9

Now go at the bottom of this page you will find 2 different boxes there, copy all the results in the “PLAIN LISTING” box and save them in a new TEXT file as shown below:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-10

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-11

Now repeat this process for all pages until you get around 500-1000 url’s in your text file, visiting PAGE 2 and then click SERP LIST BOOKMARKET and copy all the plain listings, next visit PAGE 3 and again click the SERP LIST BOOKMARKLET and copy all the plain listings …visit upto PAGE 10 and save all the url’s in a TEXT file.

Now we will have around 500-1000 old pages which are niche relevant, in next step we will start finding broken (dead) links from these pages.

For this we need a software called XENU LINK SLEUTH this is a FREE software that we use to find the broken links and pages of any site you can download and install this software from the below link.

rar pasword:


Now open the XENU SOFTWARE it will look like this.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-12

Now click on the “OPTIONS” in the top navigation of the xenu software, and click on “PREFERENCES” as shown below:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-13

You will see the below screen.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-14

Set the “MAXIMUM DEPTH” up to 2 or 3 depends how deep you want crawl those pages, the more deep you crawl the more broken links you will get and also it will take more and more time to crawl deep ( normal 5-7 hours ).

Select the “BROKEN LINKS ORDERED BY PAGE” option so that it will show a report with all the dead pages in a order after the process is completed.

Now click ok and save the settings.

Now click on the “FILE” option and select “CHECK URL LIST (TEST)” as shown below:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-15

Now select the text file which contains all the 500-1000 url’s that we scrapped from google in the STEP 1, and click open as shown below:

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-16

Once you select the file, XENU will now start crawling all the pages in depth and will find which pages are broken.
Now we need to keep open the software until it finishes the complete process it will around 1 hour to complete the task depending on your PC speed and if your PC is slow it may take around 3 hours to complete the analysis, I highly recommend not to go beyond 10k URL’S at a time in XENU and no more than MAX DEPT = 2 it will still take 5-6 hours normally to crawl 100k-200k url’s. we can expect around 5-15 Good domain after all the process is completed.


Once the process is completed XENU will generate a report and will ask you to show the report just click “yes”
Now you can check a certain keyword using this command, we are looking for a code which is “12007” (12007 means no such host or no DNS) this is the exact code we are looking for, so input this into the search box and click “ENTER” now it will show you how many links have that code.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-17

and it will open a report with all the links and status codes in the default browser of your computer.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-18

You just need to hit this COMMAND using your keyboard.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-19

Click the “DOWN ARROW” to check the domain which have 12007 code.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-20

Open and Check them one by one see which ones are not opening just copy that URL and paste in Bulk Domain Availability Check to see if any are available to register.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-21

Here is an alternate process

Here is how I do, while the XENU software is still running I will just check the status codes myself and find domains which are having status code as “NO SUCH HOST” (means there is no host or this domain is expired).

Before I do that I need to change one more option in XENU, click on “VIEW” in the top navigation of XENU and select “SHOW BROKEN LINKS ONLY” option, what this will do is it will only show you the broken links.

Now we will manually check the status code “NO SUCH HOST” without waiting for the XENU software to complete the process which takes a minimum 1-3 hours to analyze all the url’s.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-22

Find as many domains or pages which has this code “NO SUCH HOST” and input them in Godaddy Bulk Domain Availability Checker tool, and find the domain which are available to register.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-23

STEP 4 & 5

Ok here is a domain I just found ……

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-24

So here is the screenshot showing this domain is having 36 backlinks.

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-25HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-26

Here is the BBC Backlink

HQ Niche Relevant DoFollow Backlinks-27

Domain Authority Checker :

Mozrank Checker:

Similarly you can check the DA/PA and CF/TF of the BBC Backlink and also the domain using the Net Peak Checker Software.
Do this for all the domains and find the best one you want to use and register them using Godaddy or any other registrar.
This way you will be able to find those “HIDDEN GEMS” which others are not able to find. suggestion: If you build a money site on these kind of domain they rank much better in google because they will have these authority sites (ex: as a TIER 1 BACKLINK, page #1 rankings are easy when you create money sites on these domain due to the trust and authority of these backlinks.

Here is how it will look if you build a money site on these kind of domain.


If you build PBN’S on these kind of domain then these authority sites will act as TIER 2 BACKLINKS, which are still good to get.

Here is how it will look if you build a PBN on these kind of domain and link back to your money site.

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